almost 4 years ago

And the winners are...

Education: VoteBot
Novice Winner: KeyPoints

Energy & Environment: PlogIt
Novice Winner: ViRo

Health & Wellness: Harvey
Novice Winner: ErgoPose

Inequality: Women Who Win
Novice Winner: PaperPlay

Capital One (Best Financial Hack): Big Fat Charity

Contrary (Most Viable Startup): Harvey

Facebook (Best Use of API): comFi

OvioHub (Best Project Hack): OpenSpace, MedBot

Wolfram (Top 25 Teams): Chip, comFi, Company Footprint, Easy Connect, Economic Indicators' Relationship with Equity Prices, ErgoPose, Harvey, Hippocritical, KeyPoints, Lemma, LucidText, Neuron, NutriFact, Openspace, OutLook, PaperPlay, PlogIt, Rxminder, Spider, Sprout, StockAid, Vanguard, ViRo, VoteBot, Women Who Win

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